Sunday, February 10, 2013

Infiltrator Action Intro Video

After a lot of work in Blender and GIMP I've finished creating the intro video for my Infiltrator Action Twitch channel. I plan on running the video before each streaming session on Twitch.

All of the video in the intro was taken with my AVerMedia Live Gamer HD in 1080p at 15000kps at 30 FPS while I was streaming to Twitch with OBS. I then converted the mp4 video to a mpeg4 AVI using ffmpeg and the various clips were extracted with Avidemux 2.6. Why did I not just use the mp4 directly? Blender doesn't seem to handle H.264 video very smoothly and it even had a tendency to crash on me a few times.

I used Blender to take all the video clips, NC theme music extracted from the game assets, and 2D assets I created in GIMP to put the video together. Blender has a great video editor that is relatively unknown primarily because it has a very steep learning curve. I would almost call it a leaning cliff but once you get the hang of it you can do some amazing work with it. Since Blender is also used for 3D modeling it's very easy to add 3D elements to scenes.

I hope you like the final result.

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