Friday, July 12, 2013

Defiance Extraction Tools v0.1.0 Released

I've been working on this project on an off since the Defiance beta. I actually started this project to get the textures to create a Defiance theme for my Twitch channel like I did for PlanetSide 2. With that done I had requests for audio and other assets to be extracted. I was going to wait to release until I had the mesh extraction automated but it was taking longer than I expected so I'm just releasing what I have. If any of you have been on /r/defiance you may have seen the Volge renders of helmets, weapons and mobs I've been releasing so as you can see I'm very close. It's just not completely automated yet and requires some manual steps. There are several different tools but I expect most will be interested in the texture (tex2png) and audio (snd2wav) extraction tools. The mesh extractor mes2obj is not working yet but it dumps a lot of cool information about the materials, material params, vertices, and indices of a mesh mostly for my research. There are other tools but most of the others would only be interesting to you if you are researching the file formats. The waddump tool as you would guess dump the raw assets from the WAD files and wadsdiff allows you to see what assets the devs changed between client patches. If you care about those tools then you probably know how to compile them from source.


The source for all the tools are at my Github repository.

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