Thursday, July 18, 2013

Defiance Mesh Extractor v0.1.0 Released

The Deck of the New Freedom

I finally have the mesh extractor at a usable state. It can now extract meshes that use the most common shaders to OBJ & MTL files. The OBJ files can then be imported into Blender. The OBJ format is very simplistic and doesn't support decals or normal textures very well so only diffuse (color) textures are supported. Currently the extractor only supports the static meshes like buildings and non-moving vehicles and not animated skins like the Volge or player outfits. That's coming eventually. The formats are almost the same but I'm thinking about switching to the Collada format so I can support more than just the diffuse textures like normal, specular, and emissive textures. I also want to try and get the skeletons extracted so the skins will be already rigged and ready to animate.



  1. Hi, I know this is really old, but I've been looking for this tool and the download links are all dead now, is there any chance you could re-upload it somewhere?

  2. These tools are already within defiance-tools-v052-released (