Friday, July 26, 2013

Defiance Tools v0.2.0 Released

Skinned meshes are now working! You can now extract all the NPCs,  weapons, outfits, and a lot more. Complete overhaul of the command-line switches so you don't have to specify every WAD file. It now just reads and searches the entire WAD directory. mes2obj and ski2obj now allow you to generate a sub directory with the same name as the asset and put all the OBJ, MTL and PNG files in it. Thanks for /u/etaew for the suggestion. Lots of other bug fixes and major code cleanup. 

Defiance Tools v0.2.0

Please report any issues on Github and I'll try and fix them

I've been testing the extracted files with Blender and I did notice one issue. The game's engine stores emissive masks the in some of the diffuse textures alpha channel. This means that when you view the meshes in Blender you get this.

The only way to fix it is to tell Blender to not use the alpha channel to get this result. 


The problem is that the not all the meshes use the alpha in this way and there is no way to test for it and strip out the alpha unless I start digging into the shaders. It's easier to just manually disable the alpha or remove it. In many cases the alpha channel is used for transparency as you would expect like the glass in the Tollbooth here.
Broken Tollbooth Glass


  1. is there anyway to create your tool as an .exe? no matter what i try i cant seem to get it to work. and blender is telling me the .obj files i have are not supported by blender. any suggestions?

  2. You can find the most recent binary releases here.
    I've tested the tools with at least Blender 2.68a.

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