Sunday, October 17, 2010

Collision Detection & Response

Ah yes the area of game development that usually has a game programmer pulling his or her hair out at 3am. These days collision detection is usually handled by a 3rd party library like the ever popular Havoc or Bullet  physics. I was working on an XNA based project and needed some basic collision detection to move around a world of oriented bounding boxes where the player is a sphere. A few days of research and comming to a good understanding of the Separating Axis Theorem and I came up with a working demo shown at the bottom of the post.  

In my research I found the following links that I think may be useful to others
Separating Axis Theorem (SAT) Explanation
Simple Intersection Tests For Games
N Tutorial A - Collision Detection and Response
General Collision Detection for Games Using Ellipsoids  (Includes sliding algorithm)

Source from other projects
Bullet Physics
Oops! Framework
XNA Physics API (not in active development but worth a look)

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