Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finished Red Dead Redemption

To be honest I never played the first game Red Dead Revolver. I was aware of it when it was released but for what ever reason it never made it to my gaming queue.

Since the game was developed by Rockstar it shares a lot of similarities with GTA but calling it GTA on a horse would be to a total disservice. Both games share similar game play elements but they are totally different games. I would almost say RDR  was a better game but it’s almost like comparing apples to oranges they are really different games. It would be completely possible to not like one game and like the other so if you didn’t like GTA I wouldn’t discount RDR. 

The plot is interesting and the ending is well... different. That’s about the best way to explain it. With out giving away any ending spoilers you basically play for another 1-2 hours after you would have expected it to end. The good thing about how the game ends it gives John Marston a truly “Western” ending and still allows you to play the game after you have finished it.

I don’t know if I enjoyed the game because there are so little “Wild West” games released and it was something different or it was truly a great game. I think its has more to do with the later.

Hopefully Rockstar will do another Red Dead game in the future. I would be up for a new story or even continuing where the game left off in the end.

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